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The Importance of Enzymes, Probiotics, Prebiotics and Antioxidants- Synergy Defence

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 To your better health

Synergy Defense- For an Improved digestion and enhanced immune system.
The Importance of Enzymes, Probiotics, Prebiotics and Antioxidants-

Enzymes are involved in every function in the human body. One of the most important of these functions is breaking down the food we eat into its smallest component parts. We have a storehouse of enzymes in our body, but unfortunately our diets do not provide us with the enzymes we need to replenish our supply, because we eat to much cooked and processed foods. So by taking an enzyme product, you are actually assisting in the digestion and breakdown of food to its smallest form, such as protein into amino acids, carbohydrates into the simplest sugars and fats into fatty acids.

Probiotics, or friendly bacteria, are also extremely important to digestion, because they help ensure that food is processed completely, thoroughly and as little is left to waste as possible so that it does not rot inside our system. Probiotics are important in making sure that the bowel has a healthy flora, versus an unhealthy flora, which again, comes with rotting and putrefaction .This is especially important because of our society's overuse of antibiotics. Antibiotics, by their definition, are bacteria killers. Unfortunately, they kill both good and bad bacteria. This is why you need probiotics to reestablish normalcy in the bowel. Probiotics also help your body metabolize fat and sugar more efficiently and help your body remove cancerous cells from the body.

Although more research is needed, Dr. Andrew Larson, MD, FACS, FASMBS states that there is encouraging evidence that probiotics may help in:

- Treat diarrhea, especially following treatment with certain antibiotics.
- Prevent and treat vaginal yeast infections and urinary tract infections, as well as allergies.
- Treat irritable bowel syndrome.
- Speed treatment of certain intestinal infections, as well as help prevent infections of the ears, nose, and throat.
- Prevent or reduce the severity of colds and flu.
- Help in regards to dental conditions, including gingivitis and the development of dental disease.
- Help in the improvement in halitosis(bad breath).
- Also, help with the management of diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.

Prebiotics are non-digestible food ingredients that stimulate the growth and or activity of bacteria in the digestive system in ways claimed to be beneficial to health. These good bacteria, however, must be fed to the body via our diet because it is the probiotic bacteria and the short-chain fatty acids that they produce which restrict the overgrowth of bad gut bacteria.

Antioxidants are necessary, because in the environment that we're in, with the chemicals in our foods, our cosmetics, anything that we put on our body, and our exposure to microwaves, and other types of radiation, including the sun, we put a lot of free radicals into our systems. By taking antioxidants you are helping to clean up the waste that is produced in the body and taking care of the free radicals that damage your body's cells.

Each capsule of Synergy Defense contains 66,352 Enzymes, 1.1 Billion CFUs of Probiotics, 200 mg of a digestive Prebiotic blend and 100 mg of a Mediterranean Antioxidant Herbal blend.

The Synergy Defense gives you a four-tiered system and can be a stand alone product, and it can also be used in conjunction with the other products to enhance their action. I'm very, excited about this product. People will notice an amazing difference in their digestion and the way they feel with this product.-By Dr. Myles McCartney.

Note: The Synergy Defense which is 100 % gluten-free comes in a box of 30 capsules (1-month supply) -$32.50 Retail (CDN) + taxes, and should be taken with a glass of water, during or before a person's largest meal of the day. Synergy Defense can be ordered individually, or together with Daily Complete and Experience.

 “After suffering for years with I.B.S. I was introduced to Synergy Defense about a year ago and I am almost symptom free. This product is amazing. I recommend it for anybody with digestive problems.”
-Loribeth, in Ontario Canada.

Take care and God Bless
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Changing Your Oil. Motor Oil differences

Before you change the oil in your car, you need to be aware of a few things  that the average driver isn't.

Consumer Information Bulletin
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Changing Your Oil
by James K. English
Director R&D
Bi-Tron Corporation

Changing Your Oil
Consumer Information Bulletin
February 2004
Bi-Tron Engineering Bulletin
 http://www.bitronglobal.com Phone: 1 (877) 824-8766 toll free   (604) 244-8999 local

Before you change the oil in your car, you need to be aware of a few things
that the average driver isn't.

Non-synthetic motor oils are made to a performance specification and are
not a formulated product. Motor oil is made from what is left over after all
the other chemical products have been removed. (Please see Bi-Tron
Distributor Document 2004-01-201) This document will give you additional
information on this subject.

Each batch of base stock oil is different because it comes from different oil
wells in different parts of the world. This difference means the "Oil
Manufacturer's Additive Package" that will be added to the base stock oil
will be different for each batch. California oil vs Saudi oil is much different
and the "Oil Manufacturer's Additive Package" is also different.

So, what does this mean to me? Well most people think that when they
buy a brand name oil, let's say a 10-30 type, that if they buy that bottle in
Boston it will be the same as a bottle purchased in San Diego. With non-
synthetic motor oil being a performance specification and not a formula, the
additive packages in each of these two bottles we are talking about may or
may not be the same.

Oil is made in different plants and different parts of the country, and
different parts of the world for that matter. This means that to meet the
minimum specification set forth by the auto manufacturer you would have
to make sure the "Brand Name Oils" all came from the same lot.
Look on the bottom of each bottle and you will find the lot number along
with many other numbers that are used for pricing and transportation.
Say the bottle you buy in Boston has a 1234 lot number on it and the one
you buy from San Diego has a lot number 5678. If you mix these two
bottles of motor oil, with these two different lots numbers, from the same oil
company with the same brand name and viscosity, it will not meet the
minimum performance specification. Because the "Oil Manufacturer's
Additive Packages" are different.

I ran the following test in a laboratory setting using state-of-the-art engine
test equipment and t found that mixing lot numbers does affect the outcome
of how the oil performs. I bought cases of oil and randomly picked bottles of
oil out of the cases and mixed them together and put them into a 3.8L GM
test engine. We failed on two occasions to meet the baseline requirements
of the auto manufacturer's performance specification because we mixed lot
numbers. We, as auto engineers, were also unaware of this problem, and
then when we mixed bottles with the same lot numbers we passed the
minimum specification.

So if you change your own oil, you will now have to look at the bottom of
each bottle and make sure you buy a case of oil with all the same lot
numbers to assure you meet the minimum performance specification.
What happens when you take your car to a quick oil change place and they
pump the oil out of their underground tanks? When the auto dealer or quick
oil change place buys in bulk, let's say 10W-30 oil, it may be from different
batches and blended before it even gets to the auto dealer or quick oil
change establishment.

One thing for sure is that it's going to be mixed with other oils when they
dump the new oil on top of the oil left in the bottom of the tank. This mixing
of oils and lot numbers just took a major turn for the worse because now
the oil that was pumped into your car may come from many different
manufacturers and a variety of lot numbers.

To assure the minimum specification please use oil with the same lot numbers.

enjoy the journey

take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser   866 517 2113
Courtenay, BC

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ESPECIALLY in this warm Weather.... Benzene can be deadly

ESPECIALLY in this warm Weather................................. 
This one is for all to read and then share...might help save a life .
Now this is very interesting!  My car's manual says to roll down the windows to let out all the hot air before turning on the A/C.  I wondered...........  WHY ?
No wonder more folks are dying from cancer than ever before.  We wonder where this stuff comes from, but here is an example that explains a lot of the cancer-causing incidents.
Many people are in their cars the first thing in the morning, and the last thing at night, 7 days a week.
As I read this, it makes me feel guilty and ill.  Please pass this on to as many people as possible.  I guess, its not too late to make some changes!
Please do NOT turn on A/C as soon as you enter the car.
Open the windows after you enter your car,  and then after a couple of minutes, turn ON the AC .
 Here's why:
  According to research, the car's dashboard, seats, a/c ducts, in fact ALL of the plastic objects in your vehicle, emit Benzene, a Cancer causing toxin.
Take the time to observe the smell of heated plastic in your car when you open it, and BEFORE you start it up.
Benzene :
poisons your bones,
causes anemia and
reduces white blood cells. 
Prolonged exposure can cause Leukemia and increases therisk of some cancers. 
It can also cause miscarriages in pregnant women.
The "acceptable" Benzene level indoors is: 50mg per sq.ft.
A car parked indoors, with windows closed, will contain 400-800 mg of Benzene - ..........8 times the acceptable level.
If parked outdoors in the sun, at a temperature above 60 degrees F, the Benzene level goes up to 2000-4000 mg,
          40 times the acceptable level.
People who get into the car, keeping the windows closed, will eventually inhale excessive amounts of the BENZENE toxin.
Benzene is a toxin that affects your kidneys and liver. What's worse, it is extremely difficult for your body to expel this toxic stuff.
So friends, please open the windows and doors of your car - give it some time for the interior to air out -(dispel the deadly stuff) - before you enter the vehicle.
Thought:  'When someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others. '
Something to think about
take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser
Courtenay, BC
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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Impressive bitron testimonials.

Here is a recent  email I got with an impressive bitron testimonial.

Alex:  This is a letter you sent last year after I signed up and ordered products.  I've still got a good supply left.  I want to renew my distributorship.  How do I do this and get my web page back on line.  

I've been side tracked this last year and a recent incident with my car has put me back on TRACK!

Last week I was at a old high school reunion and on my return trip (500mile total)  my trouble light came on.  I discovered my radiator fluids were low (reservoir) was empty and I had no oil on my dip stick!   

My car is a Hyundai Accent with about 70,000 miles on it.  I have the oil changed  frequently and treat it with metal treatment system every other time.  

My engine oil was gone!  And my radiator fluids were very low!  It was not over heated and the electric fans that run behind the radiator were not running!  In other words the engine was cool and working just fine.  The metal treatment systems saved my bacon!   

I took it to my mechanic and had him investigate the trouble light, and where my oil etc went.  

He did not find any clue about the lack of oil and the low radiator fluids.  That still remains to be figured out.  
He did find on the computer that the light went on due to the vibration in the engine.  He re set this and we are monitoring fluids to find any leaks.  

Anyway, this testimonial has sparked several people wanting this product.  I've got to capitalize on this if possible.

Do you have business cards available with how to order using my distributor number etc?  

I need to get up to speed on this.

Doc Luke

The sutble protection that bitron provide when it is called upon to do what it is suppose to do, 
that is protect your vehicle.
Another testimonial  reeceived today
Hi Alex:

That is similar to an incident that happened in the Fraser Valley 15 or so years ago. If I remember it correctly a lady (don't remember her name) took her car in for servicing in Abbotsford (think it was a mercedes) then headed for Vancouver for an appointment. She had only gone a short distance when the "check oil" light came on. She was running late for her appointment and as she had just had it serviced she assumed it was a problem with the computer system. After her appointment  she took the car to a mechanic; there was no oil in the sump, can't remember if it was a leaky filter gasket or the oil pan plug had not been tightened properly. Basically she drove from Abbotsford to Vancouver with no oil and there was no damage done to the car.

Bitron is an amazing product, I've used it in 3-4 cars and two motor homes with a fuel consumption decrease of between 10 -20% in all cases plus all the other benefits. 

Thanks for the update.

In His service
A L 

This is why I have used this excellent proud  now for over 17 years. Bitron save you money and 
pays for itself in the long run. 
I had a similar incident  in 2014 between February & April I lost my radiator fluid twice in my truck. The mechanic could not find a reason why I lost the fluid. No damage to the engine. In the 1st instance,I think I drove around for about a week for I knew I had lost the fluid.  AWF
Enjoy the journey,

Take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser
Courtenay, BC
866 517 2113

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some financial tips for consideration & review

So, You’re Getting Married, or living together?

some financial tips for consideration and review

1 Who is going to manage the money?

2. Who’s bringing in the moolah?

3. How will we handle the household expenses?

4. How much personal spending money should each of us have that doesn't have to be accounted for?

5. How much can we spend on a purchase without needing consent from the other person?

6. What is your attitude toward money?

7. What assets and liabilities are you bringing to the marriage?

8. How will we cope if the ca-ca hits the fan?

9. Who will we use as a guide to help us through some of our financial decision-

10. What does our life look like in five years?

more  details on the tips from the Gail Vaz-Oxlde web site  http://www.gailvazoxlade.com/articles/life_happens/getting_married.html

posted by Alex W Fraser

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The benefit of Bitron Engine Treatment for your Equipment


Are you getting these kind of great results?
What  kind of results are your getting?

Did you know that by using the bitron engine treatment you can extend the time between oil changes!

more info go to   http://glengarry.naturelinesolutions.com/engine_treatment.html

Enjoy the journey

take care and God Bless
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Bi-Tron Engine Treatment FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions on     

Bi-Tron Engine Treatment?

1. How often should an engine be treated with Bi-Tron Engine Treatment?

Every scheduled oil change at a ratio of 5% to 6% of your crankcase capacity.8% to 10% when using Bi-Tron Engine Treatment for the first time.

2. Will Bi-Tron void my manufacturer's warranty? 

No, absolutely not. Your new vehicle warranty actually covers the quality of material and workmanship that went into assembling your vehicle. Protecting the moving metal parts in your vehicle with a protective lubricating layer cannot void that warranty. 

3. Can I use Bi-Tron in 2 cycle applications?

Yes, treat two-stroke oil at 10% with Bi-Tron Engine Treatment. Treat the fuel at 1 to 2oz (30 to 60ml) of Bi-Tron Fuel Conditioner for every 10 gallons (44L) of gasoline. There is no application that needs Bi-Tron more!  

4. Will Bi-Tron affect the performance of a wet clutch?

No, Bi-Tron Engine Treatment cannot and will not cause the clutch to slip or malfunction in any way. 

5. Do I need Bi-Tron in my new vehicle?

Yes, absolutely. If you want to help prevent premature wear. 90% of engine wear and damage occurs at start up, when your oil is in the sump, whether your car is new or older. Bi-Tron can help provide protection at start up and may prevent some of that damage.

6. Can Bi-Tron Engine Treatment be used with synthetic oils?

Yes, Bi-Tron Engine Treatment is compatible with all synthetic oils. 

7. Can Bi-Tron Engine Treatment be used in diesel engines?

Yes, in fact diesel engines can benefit even more than gasoline engines. There is usually more hydrocarbon build up and Bi-Tron will actually help neutralize some of the acidic by-products of combustion. 

8. Will Bi-Tron Engine Treatment fix pre-existing problems?

No, Bi-Tron Engine Treatment is designed to protect against friction and heat. Bi-Tron Engine Treatment cannot be used to repair parts that are at the failing point or any pre-existing mechanical problems. 

9. After Bi-Tron Engine Treatment is installed do I still need to change my oil according to the manufacturer's specifications?

Yes, Bi-Tron is not a replacement for regular scheduled maintenance. Bi-Tron may extend the working life of your oil but manufacturer's may void warranties unless regular service schedules are maintained. 

10. Can Bi-Tron Engine Treatment damage the seals in my engine?

No, far from it. Bi-Tron can actually rejuvenate your engine's seals to an extent. It will not, however, repair damaged seals. It is not a detergent but does have detergent like properties. It may remove build up that has been deposited around seals allowing them to reseat. There is no way Bi-Tron can cause a seal to fail. 

11. What's in it?

Revealing intricate details of this formula would be unwise from a business competition viewpoint. Are you aware of what is in the oil products you presently use for your vehicles? We can assure you that Bi-Tron uses only the highest quality, tested and proven technology and ingredients. Suffice to say there is no part of our product that can cause any harm. They contain no solids, no PTFE, no lead, zinc, molybdenum or copper. No solids of any kind. Nothing to clog up, plug or damage anything. It is non acidic, non caustic, well balanced, thoroughly researched, time tested and proven, with over a decade of satisfied users worldwide. 

12. How does it work?

The primary technology behind Bi-Tron seeks out and bonds to metal creating a lubricant layer. Any build up existing on the metal Bi-Tron is seeking out is removed. Bi-Tron is superior to any lubricant you will find on the market. If you haven't tried it yet you should! 

13. What if I don't like it and want my money back?

Natureline gives a 100% money back guarantee on all retail purchases. If you are genuinely unhappy with the results and you have followed the instructions properly the distributor from whom you purchased the product will return your purchase price. We will always maintain a money back guarantee because this product works.

  1. more info go to   http://glengarry.naturelinesolutions.com/engine_treatment.html

    Enjoy the journey

    take care and God Bless
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