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Heavy Metal Climbers/Star'ceptors #10 May 09

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Commitment, Pushing up people, Mindset for Success p.1; How to Win Friends & Influence People p.3; Belief in The Value of Bi-Tron, Belief In The Value of the Industry p.5; 10 Things you Should Never Say or Do When Prospecting!, You don’t Have To If You Don’t Want To., COURAGE p.6; Bitron Sensible Driving Guide p.7; 4 Step Proven Plan of Action for Success p.9; Discipline, Desire, Facing Your Fears p.10;


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allow that step.
The man on top of the mountain didn't fall there. The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of WILL! Received from James Bucker

The Mindset for Success - April 2006 Bitron Conference Talk by Leon Froess, Regina Sask •

A Topic that is still Extremely Revelent in your present day life, business activity.
What is success? It is different for everyone

• Winston Churchhill said success is going from one failure to another without loss of
• Charlie Finley said success is sweat plus sacrifice.
• Napoleon said success is perserverance.
• There are no definite answers but for one thing success is a feeling.
• It is almost always tied to an achievement or a material accomplishment.
• Think about how you felt when you accomplished something in your life

• Since success is a feeling we can choose to be successful because we can program our minds to be successful. That is what I will be talking about today.

· Quotation by Norman Vincent Peale: Change your thoughts and you change the world.
• We are all involved in a lifelong process to bring about success and happiness. The problem is we are not very good at directing ourselves. Most people don't even have a clear idea of what personal happiness of success would look like.
• External cues from the media, whiter teeth, more hair, less hair, etc won't get us happiness
• To be happy and successful you have to choose to be happy and successful
• It's relatively painless but you will have to change some of your most closely held beliefs and that is not something we let go of easily.
· With proper training we can experience dramatic growth in our lives
• We are all capable of so much more.
• Question - what IS possible in your life? Something you could achieve if you TRULY DESIRED it?
Truly is the key word here because it changes the answer considerably.
• You have to truly believe in something for it to be possible.
• If you are convinced something will never happen for you, you will be right.
• See it to believe it or believe it to see it

· Success IS a choice.
• If you are surrounded by people making $30K per year then you will probably find a job paying $30K per year
• if you hang around with millionaires you will likely learn how they did it, what it took and find out it isn’t so tough, you can do it too.
• It IS our LIMITING beliefs that keep us down. They limit what we will attempt and therefore limit our possibilities.

• When we commit ourselves to excellence and do whatever is necessary to bring about the best in our lives, remarkable changes take place.
· You can literally change your reality.
• You get what you focus on.
• If you focus on positive things, you get positive results
• If you focus on negative things you get negative results
• You have to live with intent Too many people go through their whole life without a specific intent or goal

• THE first step is to decide on your goal or purpose.
• The second step is to take deliberate actions that to support that goal.
• People who make their intent clear are the ones who fulfill their desire$.
• Make your intent crystal clear. Reaffirm it over and over. Reaffirm it every morning and night The more you do this the more it becomes real and it has to be real to you for it to happen.

Before you begin to change yourself for the better you must understand your desires.
• You must face yourself and assess your reasons for wanting to change in the first place
• Your motivations must be fully explored or they may not overcome obstacles along the way
• It is your internal desire that will drive your actions.
• Success is spurred by a desire for positive results and knowing what you must sacrifice in order to achieve your goals.

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This issue is downloadable in pdf format Heavy Metal Climbers/Star'ceptors #10 May 09 Photos in this issue are included in the download.