Sunday, 1 April 2012

Experience The millionaire Mind intensive


Hoping this finds you well & in good spirits

Here is An invitation to experience this Millionaire Mind Intensive experience first hand.

On the weekend of March 16-18/12  Alex & Rhoda attended a Millionaire Mind Intensive Course at the Hilton Hotel in Burnaby, BC. It was the third one that we have attended as we really enjoy, learning a lot from them. There were over 500 attendee’s and althou we had long days I think it was the best one yet.

Adam Markell, the CEO of Pecks Potential was the presenter.

They gave away several courses, (we were not with the lucky ones but I did win a Warriors Course at the first one we went to, worth appox $4000.00)  Most of the courses are held in Los Angeles California and cover a variety of topics that will help you to become financially independent, like marketing, internet, enlighten warrior camp, Reason or Results coaching, stock market,  for list of courses go to  click on Course & camps. 

On the Sunday Rhoda celebrated her eightieth birthday and it was awesome having over 500 people sing Happy Birthday to her.

If a course comes near your area I would advise you to attend as they are very enlightening, educational, well worth the effort.

The millionaire Mind intensive offers a totally different perspective about how a person things and reacts to a situation. They work with various methods to open you up to different ways of thinking
You can check out

The best way to learn what they do is to experience the 3 day Seminar at a location near you

Two interesting books, both by T Harv Eker that will also assist you are
The Secrets of the Millionaire mind   and
Speed wealth

People from all level of life attend to experience the profoundness of this event. The age range ran from a 5 year old to over 80 years old at this recent event
Financially it ran from individuals in debt up to their neck to people making over a million dollars a year.

You meet a variety of people, you hear inspiring stories, people open up their hearts, laugh & cry and enjoy themselves more than a person might realize.
check out a location near you go to

This is an invitation to experience a new thought pattern of what is possible for you in your present journey

Since our first MMI attendance in June 2011 in Burnaby, BC  we have been daily say 4 of the 8 Mmi wealth declarations we have as well as using the jars money management system to bring more balance & understanding of how we use our funds for our over all benefit.

We will also be going to the next MMi in Burnaby, BC this coming Nov 2-4, as things now stand. For us we go over on Nov 1 & come back on Nov 5th. We are looking forward to this next event.

Enjoy, give some clear serious  thought to this event, schedule it in go see what it is all about.
I believe it will be an experience you will not easily forget.

take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser      & Rhoda Ross
Courtenay, BC

We Love Ya
have you had your Fix today!

'In God We Trust!'