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Modern Engine Oils! Where does motor oil come from?

Modern Engine Oils!   Where does motor oil come from?

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Modern Engine Oils
by James K. English  Director R&D
Bi-Tron Corporation Modern Engine Oil
Consumer Information Bulletin
2004-01-101 January 2004

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Where does motor oil come from?

You would think the answer is obvious, but people have some basic questions about motor oil that need to be answered...

Well, this is not an easy question to answer.

Back in the early 1900's when the auto industry was young and the giants
like Henry Ford ruled the roost, motor oil was almost straight out of the
ground. The only items early oil manufacturers removed during the refining
process were gasoline and kerosene. These early oils were much different
than what we buy at our corner auto store today.

In the days before World War II, there were no high tech demands on the
oil industry. You see, many of you may not be aware that jet fuel, plastics
and most synthetics come from refined oil. During the refining process of
modern day oils these higher priced by-products are removed first and
what is left over is made into the motor oil you and I buy at the corner store.

These modern day demands on oils remove many of the natural additives
and minerals that were put there by Mother Nature. Today's oil is nothing
more than a carrier system for the additive packages that the oil
manufacturers add at the refining plant This is a far cry from what our
great grandfather bought many years ago.

Some oil manufacturers are reverting back to using higher grades of base
stock oil without removing the heating oils and jet fuels. But these oils are
offered at much higher prices and normally sold to racers and auto
specialty companies. Many people ask us all the time, "Where does motor
oil come from and why do I need an oil additive?"

You have to understand that modern day motor oils start after all the other
items are removed like plastics and synthetics. Then they start the process
of adding their own chemistry to bring the oil up to a minimum specification.

That's where modern motor oil comes from.

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