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TSS ==Tire Safety Solution - Bi-tron


I have a customer, J T of Texas who earlier this year got some Bitron Tire Safety Solution and which he put in his new car tires. He had the tires balanced and rotated.  Then when driving he developed a shimmy at high speeds.  Nothing he did in checking his  car, front end, alignment, and repeated static and dynamic balancing of tires did anything to get rid of that shimmy. So in the end he had the TSS washed out and the shimmy in the tires stopped.

JT Talked with a life-long tire guy -- he says that additives into tires WILL set up resonance/shimmy in almost every case --  I asked about Green Slime -- he said …. same scenario. Anyway, tires ok since bitron washed out, unfortunately!!!!!

To my understanding, awareness and knowledge, this a very unusual case as the TSS is not suppose to affect the balance of the tire. In this case it apparently did.

This also raises the question as to the specific type of tire being used on JT car?
Another question -- Did the Texas heat have anything to do with helping create this shimmy?

According to the bitron TSS brochure
*the TSS remains liquid for the life of the tire and is distributed via centrifugal force; this is necessary to evenly distribute the TSS around the tire so it is not a factor in balancing the wheel. It does not affect the balance of the tire. Should a tire not be properly balanced prior to installation of the TSS, or go out of balance at some point thereafter, it is simple to rebalance again.

* TSS Cannot cause balancing problems
* Will perform for the life of the tire in any climate
* Cannot void new tire warranties
* Engineered to be compatible with all motorbike tires, passenger automobiles tire and even light trucks tires [with or without inner tubes] at pressures of up to 0 psi
* effective in extreme temperatures

This unusual TSS case is looking for some answers as to why the shimmy was created in the first place.

My own experience with the Bitron TSS has been very positive. In my red 1997 1/2 GMC 4.3 L V6 Manual transmission which I got Jun 1 1999, in which I used the excellent bitron  products until June 2014 when the transmission went, requiring a rebuild.

Between late February and early April 2014 I also lost my radiator coolant twice for some reason which apparently didn't cause any immediate truck running problems.

**  I was also using the Bitron TSS in my tires for at least 10 years and NEVER experienced a shimmy or tire imbalance.

** Also in about 2008 or 9 I re did my tires with an additional 5oz of TSS per tire without any balance problems.  The TSS is suppose to be a one time application.  I believe my tires were all season P225 75-15 but I could be wrong on this number now

What I did experience was 
** even tire wear, 
** constant tire pressure  through winter and summer,  the tire pressure varied  around or two over time
** I seldom had to put air in the tires, 
** no air leakage around the rims and a smooth ride. 

** For over a year my red truck [see photo] sat in the  back yard being ignored, with no battery etc.
** In that year my tires never went flat, they lost some air but never went flat.

Anyone reading this outline who has used Bitron Tire Safety solution---

Have you ever experienced a shimmy as a result of using the bitron TSS!

Do you have  any comments that would help explain the results that J T got with the bitron TSS

Feel free to make you comments below in the comment box. Thank you

enjoy the journey

take care and God Bless
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