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You can’t burn the same house down twice,

Alex W Fraser's 17 year journey with Bitron

Why I believe so strongly in the bitron products

I got acquainted with the bitron products in November 1998 when I was informed I could save 10% on fuel costs. I took up the challenge and over the years I have averaged at least double to triple that and no doubt more at times. I am not disappointed in how the bitron products worked for me in all their various efficient saving [ reduced costs] aspects.  At this time I had a Red 1994 GMC 4.3 Litre V6 manual transmission.

On June 1 1999 in Cornwall, Ontario at Brookshell Motors  I traded in my Red 1994 GMC 4.3 Litre V6 manual transmission and within an hour, got a Red 1997 GMC 4.3 Litre V6 with manual transmission and 37,500 KMS on it.

I put bitron products in this new red 1997 GMC vehicle, engine treatment. gas conditioner, powertrain and it has been bitronized ever since and later used the TSS Tire safety solution in the tires.

With this 1997 GMC we drove across the country at least 6 times [3 round trips] from Vancouver Island BC to just about the Ontario Quebec border. A round trip of about 6500 miles.

On one of these trips east at Yorktown Sask we had to change our fuel pump [ that was about $1,200.00] mileage was a little over 106,000 kms. Over 110,000 KMS later the replaced fuel pump was still going strong.

On another leg of a trip east we drove from Edmonton to Portage La prairie on a tank of gas around 1100 KMS and probably could have got to Winnipeg before running out of gas

The top mileage with this 1997 1/2 ton truck was between 35.5 & 37 mpg

Over a 12 + year period with this  1997 GMC I averaged  24 mpg in a variety of traffic conditions long distance as well and city & local driving.  My base was 17.5 mpg

Here is a 9 year log of my gas consumption  

With the TSS, my tire air pressure remains constant year after year varying a pound or so. Seldom had to put air in my tires. Tires wore more evenly, lasting longer.

In the early 2000s Canadian Tire told me my battery was basically finished, it took another year and a half to die as with having the bitron products in the vehicle, it took much less energy to start the truck,

In around 2004 or 2005 we drove across the  country, stuck our foot in the Atlantic Ocean off PEI, and when we got back on Vancouver island stuck our foot in the pacific ocean at Tofino. This was a round trip of over 10,000 miles on which we average just over 26 mpg. On the leg home from eastern Ontario  just near the Ontario Quebec border on  the 401 highway, we had the box of the truck packed as well as a 5 x 8 trailor packed which had a gross weight of over 4.5 tons that we hauled about 3,500 miles and partly through snow north of Kamloops. There was no reving, no over heating, no flat tires, just clear sailing and on this leg of the trip we average 23 mpg.

Over these past years with our red 1997 GMC driving was mainly on Vancouver Island, with the odd trip to Vancouver, Victoria, Campbell River and Nanaimo and we still average 20 to 22 mpg

In my red 1997 GMC truck I have used the gas conditioner, the old diesel conditioner, the fuel conditioner and octane booster in the gas with no ill effects that I am aware off. I have used the bitron products in the gas in a variety of quantities from a few ounces of each to a full bottle at a time without any noticeable ill effects.  Gas mileage is always up and down. Sometime you do get a lousy tank of fuel and lose mileage. The gas, diesel or full conditioner reduce the harmful emissions substantially, adding more additive is redundant. You can’t burn the same house down twice, as once it is burnt, it is burnt.  Same goes for the harmful emission in a vehicle when using bitron.

We had very little problems with this red 1997 GMC beyond normal wear and tear which every vehicle requires attention for from time to time

Between late February and mid April 2014 I lost my antifreeze coolant  twice. The first time I was driving  part of  a week, before I knew there was a problem when the red engine light came on. Took the truck to Finnerons and they were not able to find any reason for the loss of the radiator coolant. It had not leaked into the oil. They were not able to find any trace of the antifreeze in the engine. In early April I lost the coolant again. This time on checking nothing showed up and they put a tracer in the antifreeze. In both cases at that time there was no apparent damage to the engine.

In mid May 2014 the manual transmission  in the red 1997 GMC truck started to act up, got noisy and when Finnerons checked it in June it required a rebuild. They couldn’t find a replacement transmission on Vancouver Island or in Vancouver.  To rebuild the transmission would cost about $4,500.00. Along with this the engine required repairs in the amount of about $4,000.00.  If I had $8 to10,000 I would have liked to see what had caused the problem, as to how clean or crappy the engine & transmission were. The funds were not there to take this step. 

We ended up getting a 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 4.3 litre engine,  automatic transmission for a little less than the cost of a rebuilt transmission. This 2001 Silverado had 179,163 miles on it. In the past year since we got the 2001 silverado we have put less than 3,000 miles on it. The tires haven’t been touched in over a year for added air. They remain solid at just under 60psi constantly.

The red 1997 GMC was parked in our back yard, the last week of June 2014, the battery died in July and the truck sat there for a year being ignored. In May - June 2015 I tried to sell it for parts, which didn’t work out. Just before I sold the truck for scrap at $150.00 I put the dead battery back in the truck, gave it a boost, it took a little coxing to start, it started, had it running on a dead battery for about 20 minutes, moved the truck back & forth about 10 or so feet.   The radiator  was full, the way it was left, no leakage, likewise no leakage from the oil pan either, the transmission was still noisy, it didn’t take much effort to get the truck into gear to move it, the tires were not flat although they had lost 6 or 7 lbs of pressure over the year.

I have the sinking suspicion that for some reason the loss of the radiator coolant might have got back into the transmission some how  to help cause a problem. I have no way of knowing as the funds were not there to find out what the problem really was.

This is how the bitron products have protected my vehicle over these 16  plus years in providing better mileage,  protecting my tires, protecting my engine even when I lost the radiator coolant twice, etc.

Wear and tear is normal with any vehicle and even when it is reduced greatly it still occurs. This maintenance is a normal part of having a vehicle and things happen with is not the fault of the bitron products.

You can look at this result as the loss of the coolant  twice leading to the demise of my truck or you can look at it as who well the bitron products protected my vehicle, not only for the 4 months from Feb 2014 till the end of June, but also over the next year  in Jun 2015 when the truck had sat idle for that year and I was able with little effort to get the truck running again.

Bitron allows you to do more with less.

Feel free to make you comments below in the comment box. Thank you

enjoy the journey

take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser  1-866 517 2113
Courtney, BC

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